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MEDITRANSLATION is a translation agency founded in Barcelona in 2009 by three freelance translators specializing in Mediterranean languages.

Spanish, Arabic, Italian, French, Catalan, Greek, and Portuguese, among others.

We also provide other language combinations, including English, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, and Korean, among many others. This is because of the economic and cultural importance of the countries where these languages are spoken, which means they have strong links with the countries of the Mediterranean.

Over the years, MEDITRANSLATION has expanded and, in 2015, we decided to open another headquarters in the city of Florence. Thanks to our two locations, we are able to manage international projects more quickly and efficiently.

Meditranslation is your translation agency in Barcelona and Florence that helps you to internationalize your business. Our team of professionals, who are all carefully chosen and highly-qualified native speakers, work diligently on the difficult task of ensuring communication and understanding.

Our goal is to break down the barriers that exist in every aspect of contemporary life.