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Meditranslation – Your language services partner in Barcelona

Welcome to our network of linguistic partners!

You can find details below of the administrative procedures for invoicing and payment, as well as the requirements needed to become part of our team.

Monthly invoice including all the projects delivered

You should send an invoice at the end of the month, dated with the last day of the month, including all the projects delivered during that month.

The invoice should include your tax information (name, address, tax ID). The invoice should be dated with the last day of the month, and should include the corresponding invoice number.

You should also include your bank details so that we can pay you by bank transfer. If you wish to be paid by other forms of payment (Paypal, Moneytrans, etc.) you will have to wait for confirmation from our team.

Please send your invoice to for validation no later than the 10th of the following month.

Invoices received after this date will not be accepted and the projects on it must be included in the invoice for the following month.

Only invoices sent to will be accepted, and we will always send a reply. Therefore, if you have not received a response in a couple of days, please send your invoice again.

The tax details for MEDITRANSLATION are as follows:

(of Andrea Tacconi)
C/Sardenya 460
Tax ID: ES-Y0866462C

Payment will be made after 60 days

Payment will be made after 60 days (maximum) counted from the last day of the month of the invoice.

Keep in mind that, even if your invoice is dated on a different day of the month, the payment date will be counted from the last day of the month, which is when we will validate the invoice and send it to accounts.



We would like to address some of the most frequently asked questions sent to us by the freelancers who work with us.

  • It is important to send an invoice with VAT included for all projects, except those exempted from VAT in accordance with article 20, paragraph 1, number 26 of Law 37/1992, of 28 December on Value Added Tax, which are projects in which the original text is for entertainment purposes (understood as literary projects, etc.) and translations for educational or scientific purposes, WHEN THERE IS A CLEARLY IDENTIFIABLE AUTHOR.
  • It is important to correctly calculate both the percentage of VAT (21%) and any income tax withheld (either 15% or 7% for newly registered self-employed professionals). The former is calculated using the tax base, and added to it. The second is calculated using the tax base and then subtracted from the sum total of TAX BASE + VAT. As an example, when making an invoice with a tax base of €100, the resulting total would be (100 + 21) – 15 = €106


We would like to highlight the conditions for service provision, which you are understood to agree to every time you accept a project by email:

We expect a full, correct and error-free translation, which means a professional-standard translation.

– We expect to receive the translation on time, no later than the day and time that appear on the project order that you will receive when you work with us.

If this is not the case, Meditranslation reserves the right to apply a penalty to the amount established for project.

– We expect you to follow all the instructions: those that appear on the project order, those that appear on the email, and any additional instructions for the project.

– In addition, please remember that while working with us you must respect the confidentiality of the projects, agree not to compete (unless our client is an agency), and not to subcontract, unless you are a company.

Finally, please remember that all your personal information will be processed on an automated file owned by Meditranslation – Yor language services partner in Barcelona.


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