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Professional native interpreters available for all types of events

Conferences, corporate events, congresses, meetings, classes, guided tours, etc. Meditranslation offers interpreting services with professional interpreters in all the languages you need.

All our interpreters have many years of experience in interpreting services, and this experience is what makes them able to adapt to the needs of the client in every situation, to ensure a successful and fluent interpretation.

We select our professionals according to the subject at hand and we work with our clients to provide interpreters with the necessary material so that they can read up on the topic of the event in advance.

We provide the necessary technical material when required by the client: microphones, booths, receivers, headphones, screens, computers, etc.

interprete firenze

Simultaneous Interpreting is the best choice for large events and conferences with attendees from different countries. The interpreter listens to speakers’ interventions and translates them, in real time, for the audience. We will take care of the necessary technical equipment (cabins, microphones, headphones, etc.).

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes notes while the speaker is talking, and provides the translation afterwards. This type of interpretation is best for interviews, short meetings, speeches, press conferences, etc.

In liaison interpreting , the interpreter acts as an “intermediary” between two people or groups. This type of interpretation is recommended for very small groups, during meetings, company visits, sightseeing, business negotiations, fairs, etc.


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